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Subject :  Modification concerning credits
01/10/2012 11:11:43

Hello 🙋, We inform

you that we have modified the number of Credits/Passes allocated on top-upsRecharges for all payment methods except for top-ups by phone, SMS, as well as the 2 euro increments.

It has been several years since the number of credits allocated has been changed or the prices of Recharges increased. Until now, we have always refused to pass on to our members the various price and tax increases we suffer, like all companies. However, it had now become necessary to make a change, which we wanted to make as small as possible.

We have therefore chosen not to increase the price of Recharges, but to reduce the number of credits allocated (for example, you now get 82 credits instead of 90 for a 20 Euros Recharge). Small precision, the 100 Euros bearing benefits from a smaller reduction in credits than the other bearings. The number of Coins offered on Box Office is also modified accordingly.

This modification is the necessary condition to guarantee the quality of our sites, which have now been in existence for more than 12 years: regular renewal of games, quality Customer Service, and maintenance of all our commitments, including Prize Shops without drawing lots, without shipping costs, and the permanent validity of your Points.

We hope to obtain your understanding and we thank you for your loyalty.

Good games!

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