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Subject :  YOKAI KOMBAT 2 - Ultimate Report
05/06/2017 11:38:17

Hello everyone,

I inform you that Yokai Kombat 2 will be postponed until 18/07. Indeed, we need a little more time to offer you our new game of the month which will be totally different from the current one.

I promise it will be the last postponement:)

The Web'.

09/06/2017 17:52:56

what about the large-scale project?

05/06/2017 11:59:54

Hello Majovo,

I will make an official announcement but we will be on vacation on the evening of the 21st, these few days we will leave time to correct the most important bugs if necessary.
In the worst case and like every holiday, an on-call technical team is present to solve the problems.

The Web''

05/06/2017 11:57:28


Why not extend it until October 04 and name it "Game of the Year"? 😉 And

as usual, you will be offering new products just before your holidays.

Good Monday

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